Poli Arctici

- tour operator at Svalbard
- tour arranger all year round all over Svalbard

With a great variety of expertise the tours conducted either by foot or dinghy during summer/autumn, and by snowmobile or skies accompanied by Greenland dogs during spring/winter.

We make specially arranged tours according to experience, wishes and your preferred way of travel for:

  • individual travellers, large and small groups
  • visitors with special needs/goals (photographers, tv-crews, ornithologists, etc)
  • we make special tour arrangements to satisfy individual needs and requirements.

Poli Arctici has as it's main purpose to understand the customer and contribute to their enjoyment on Svalbard, with it's powerful arctic nature, regardless of who they are and their location.

Poli Arctici offers:

  • Renting snowmobiles, sledges,skis, winter clothes, tent, sleeping bag, madrass, camp equipment, rubber boat, survival suites, greenland dogs, pulkes, head lamp, communications and safety equipment, glaciers equipment (only for Poli Arctici’s tours)
  • Booking of rooms and meals in lyb and the other settlements on Svalbard
  • Logistics , counselling and planning of tours/expeditions.
  • Special made tours for individuals, large and small groups
  • Tours suggestions
  • Rental of guides with long term experience from Svalbard
  • Multilinguistic guides: Norwegian, English and Italian
  • Chartring of boats
  • Transportation to and from the field
  • Transportation to and from the airport
  • Transportation to and from Ny-Ålesund and Svea
  • Assistance in Longyearbyen

For further information or for an exciting tour suggestion please contact us! In the menu above you can find links to a range of tour suggestions. You can use them either as a point of origin, for planning or just to see what kind of tours that are possible to realise. The programmes are meant as suggestions that can be adjusted to all wishes.

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Photo Stefano Poli

Photo Stefano Poli

Photo Stefano Poli


Poli Arctici, enterprise no: NO 986568638; Longyearbyen, 9171, Svalbard, Norway.
Email:   Tel: +47 79 02 17 05    Fax: +47 79 02 17 34   Cellular: +47 91 38 34 67